Monday, December 17, 2012


December's edition of the New World Odor Report, on Wolf Spirit Radio, features guest Dr. Lorraine Hurley.
We discuss GMO foods, their affects on the human body and measures you can use to keep you and your family healthy.
There is a growing body of evidence of the harmful effects of consuming GMO food and food products.  Use the information below as provided by Dr. Hurley to get informed and spread what you learn.  Through our combined efforts of educating the next person, we can resist the genocidal agenda of the New World Odor.
New World Odor Report; December 2012, Dr. Lorraine Hurley on GMO's (it may take a minute to dowload and play depending on your connection speed)
Below are the links to information that Dr. Hurley references for the show.
Non GMO shopping guide

Institute for Responsible Technology .
Organization developed by Jeffrey Smith, author of Seeds of Deception

Excellent Map! Color Codes distinguishing which countries require labeling.
CFS confirms that 61 countries, including member nations of the European Union, Russia, China, Brazil, Australia, Turkey and South Africa require standards of mandatory GE food labeling. The United States is not included on the list of governments providing open, accurate information on the source of foods on grocery shelves.
Excellent site
Up to date news and links to political actions regarding GMO’s
GMO’s make pesticide factories out of human GI microbes.
Special Investigative Report: Will GMOs Really Feed the World? Union of Concerned Scientists report on the failure of GMO’s to deliver any advantage or benefit.
The World According to Monsanto and Bitter Seeds can be viewed for free at

Other Videos-----Seeds of Deception, Genetic Roulette and The Future of Food—trailers can be viewed at above but films need to be purchased or taken from library.


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  1. Dr. Lorraine Hurley does not have the legal right to use Dr. before her name. Her License to practice medicine was revoked in MA, because she was practicing on unsuspecting patients, without a current one for two years. I am a Targeted Individual, and she lured me in with the promise of being connected to someone who could get my brain chip implant removed (MRI) to prove it, and she basically handed me back to my Handler, whom I had just escaped detection from, by selling my new car with only 18,000 miles on it, for another new car, not tagged. I went to meet with her drvign from RI, to Cape Cod, and when I arrived, I called her, and she said she would call me right back to see if it would be OK to bring her daughter. She never called back, and refused to answer my calls. After 45 minutes, I felt expossed and became suspicious, so to give distance, drove to Mystic CT, and when I came out of a CVS, there was a burly man staring at me. I knew, and when I got into my car, it too had been tagged. She new my story, and that my car...I am forced to live in. The DEW, began right away, and the torture is again, 24/7. Do your research on her. My life is a living hell, she did not help me, she set me up. I have been an activist for over 25 years, and this is what she did to me. I am ill with the military weaponry used on me. Please stop promoting this person, and at least here, perhaps TI's may see this, so they will know in advance. Thank you...Morgaine.